KAA was established by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) in accordance with the Law on Higher Education - LHE (2003/14) in Kosovo, as the Agency that guarantees the quality of educational and scientific research work in Higher Education Institutions in Kosovo.

The Kosovo Accreditation Agency is an independent authority which accredits and reaccredits public and private institutions of higher education for a limited time period.


Mission statement

Through the accreditation process KAA supports development of the quality in HE Institutions and in the same time assures the Kosovo society that the quality of teaching and learning is at the level of international standards. 


The Kosovo Accreditation Agency has a mandate:

  • To carry out the accreditation and reaccreditation of public and private institutions of higher education  and their academic and research programmes;
  • To supervise the accredited institutions.


KAA’s aims:

  • To open the  sector of higher education for providers from Kosovo  and abroad;
  • To provide quality assurance for all institutions of higher education;
  • To promote, improve and develop the quality of the higher education sector;
  • To create transparency and comparability in the interest of providers, students and the labour market;
  • To encourage innovative forms and content in higher education;
  • To ensure the comparability of degrees from Kosovo higher education institutions with those awarded by international programmes;
  • To implement the objectives for the integration of Kosovo into the European Higher Education Area and to contribute to its development.


Principles which underpin the work of the KAA:

  • Its decisions shall be made in accordance with international quality standards;
  • Its decisions shall be made with the collaboration of international experts;
  • Its decisions shall be made independently and justified in a consistent and verifiable manner;
  • It shall orientate itself towards educational policy developments in Kosova and Europe;
  • It shall cooperate with international partners with the aim to become a member of international networks and panels in the field of quality assurance;
  • It shall maintain communication with higher education institutions and their academic staff and students;
  • It shall observe its accountability to the public and political decision makers by means of an effective information policy;
  • It shall set up procedural rules, standards and evaluation criteria and make them available to the public;
  • Its work shall rely on internationally developed good practices;
  • It shall provide for an external evaluation of its activities on a regular basis.


KAA’s Profile:

  • A transparent system of accreditation which is internationally comparable;
  • The application of national and international competences in the field of accreditation;
  • Active cooperation in quality assurance at the European and global level.



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