Workshop and National conference for the development of quality assurance in Kosovo higher education

30th of November 2016 - 1st of December 2016 


Dear colleagues, 

Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA) has recently organised a Workshop for quality officers at the higher education institutions and a National conference for the development of quality assurance in Kosovo higher education, taking place between 30th of November and 1st of December. 

The purpose of these events was, on one hand, to bring on the public agenda the debate about the national quality assurance system in Kosovo by engaging the members of the national academic community, higher education experts and civil society in order to gain fruitful insight that would support KAA in revising its standards and procedures. Secondly, the events aimed at investing in capacity building at institutional level by proving suggestions for the development of the internal systems for quality assurance across the higher educational institutions in Kosovo. 

The two events brought together the representatives of several institutions, authorities and organizations as well as national and international experts, such as: Dr. Arsim Bajrami - Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mag. Gernot Pfandler - Ambassador of Austria in Kosovo, Mr. Colin Tuck - Director of EQAR, Dr. Blerim Rexha - President of SQC, Mr. Driton Dalipi - Project Manager of the EYE project, Dr. Hebert Amato - Member of the SQC, Dr. Guy Haug - Member of the SQC, Ms. Drita Kadriu - Director of HE in MEST, Dr. Teuta Danuza - Expert in Qualification Frameworks and others. If you wish to access some of the presentations the speakers have delivered during these two days, please see below. Also, should you want to explore some of the pictures taken during the two events, please see below.

As presented by the KAA, the two events were part of the research project that aims to firstly reflect to what extent the national quality assurance system is fit for purpose and responds to the needs of the higher education sector in Kosovo at both systemic and institutional levels and, secondly, to explore future scenarios for the development of quality assurance procedures and regulations. In this regard, KAA will soon make available a report exploring the results from both the survey the agency has conducted among higher education institutions, as well as the key perspectives expressed by the stakeholders during the two events. 

Given that your feedback is very important to us, KAA is conducting a brief survey in order to explore the possibility and topics of potential similar events the agency might organise in the future as well as, for the ones who joined us during these two days, to find out your impressions about the events. In this regard, please take a few minutes to complete this survey that would very much help us in improving our future activities. Thank you in advance!


The following presentations are now available:

  1. Introduction to internal quality assurance by Anca Prisacariu 
  2. Quality Asurance in the USA by Herbert Amato 
  3. Quality management surveys and usage of received data by Anca Prisacariu 
  4. Resource Manual by Herbert Amato 
  5. Development of QA in Kosovo HE - Systemic and institutional approaches by Anca Prisacariu 


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